We sell Red Paddle Co boards because they’re the boards we choose to use ourselves. They lead the rapidly-expanding market in inflatable SUPs, because they’re dedicated to giving everyone an authentic SUP experience – without the need for board storage and transportation solutions. It’s also very significant that Red Paddle Co are the world’s only designers and manufacturers of solely inflatable stand up paddle boards – all research, development, shaping, testing and innovation goes into inflatable boards, rather than a sideline to hard shell boards.

On a Red Paddle Co board, everything is in place and made that way for a reason. Here’s just a little bit of information about how these boards are designed and made, and why SUP North favours them.

Construction and Durability

Tec Air is the name for Red Paddle Co’s construction process. Every aspect of design, production and material has been tested and refined to make the most durable and high-performance inflatable boards out there.


  1. Full double layer, rail to rail construction. Each Red Paddle Co SUP is a board within a board, with deck and hull meeting under the rails (unlike some inferior boards). This ensures strength and means true progressive rocker can be built in as the boards are laminated – this is a different process to the other boards you may see that have a sharply up-turned nose which is totally dysfunctional!
  2. The full EVA deck pad add cool colours and ensure a comfortable ride on the knees and grip for standing and moving around the board.
  3. Air block membrane eliminates leakage – if you leave your board inflated…it will stay inflated to the same pressure.
  4. High density drop stitch material for strength and integrity. The thousands of dimples you see on the surface of a Red Paddle Co board are the anchors for the drop stitches, arranged in a diagonal pattern. You may also see inflatable boards with these dimples in lines – linear cross-stitch is cheaper, much less strong and has lower density stitches, meaning you’ll soon see those dimples flatten out as stitches give way under pressure. Not on a Red Paddle Co board.
  5. Quadruple rail construction. The rail can be the most vulnerable point of the board, where the layers meet and pressure can be lost – it’s also the point most likely to take a hit. Red Paddle Co board’s rails are taped four times for ultimate strength – you could even lose the top layers of rail tape and the board would keep pressure – unlike other boards on the market that have easily punctured at crucial moments. We won’t tell you where to look, but it was a really cold expedition!


A bit technical we know, but these boards truly will take anything you throw at them. In this video you’ll see a pre-2012 Red Paddle Co board pretty much get the c*** beaten out of it – dropped from a roof and run over by a 4×4. If we weren’t anti-tyre marks we would happily drive over our boards with no worries – we’ve let fete-enthused children jump all over them and never have to worry when carrying down the road or on a rocky beach.

RSS Rocker Stiffening System

RSS-SUP-Red-Paddle-CoInvesting all development into inflatable boards means that Red Paddle Co have time to closely examine where the flex comes from on their inflatable boards – and devise an elegant way to minimise it. The patented RSS Rocker Stiffening System sees battens inserted to heavy duty pockets along the rails of the board part-way through inflation.

Battens work with the downforce of the rider’s weight to maintain stiffness at the critical point. Of course, it’s fairly easy to make a strong batten, but the pocket is taking the main strain. The pockets are built to last, from marine sailing materials, and further protected with layers of rail tape. The result is an amazing 40-50% increase in stiffness over inflatable boards of the same proportions.

The RSS system is on the 9’2″ Surf Star, 9’6″ All Water, 10′ Surfer and 12’6″ Race boards – the shorter boards with less built-in thickness and the board where speed is everything!


Red Paddle Co’s iFins are always in place – no tools required. Like the rest of the board, they can take anything you throw at them. Zero warranty claims ever are proof enough!

The 12’6″ Race and Explorer boards have a standard US fin box. They are delivered with an all round fin with tool-less bolt, and you can add your ideal fin for race, cruising, weedy areas… As usual, nothing on these boards is left to chance and the fin box is carefully fixed for ultimate strength and durability. But, should anything fail with an impact, it will be the replaceable fin box, rather than the integrity of the board

SUP North have all of the core Red Paddle Co boards available for demo – give us a call if you want to see how the RSS system works, how stiff they are, or just to check out how they ride.