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Duotone Foil Wing including Boom

SUP North UK – Stand up Paddle Board » Duotone Foil Wing including Boom

Save 10%! Price includes wing, boom and wrist leash.

The Duotone foil wing gives paddle board-riders the opportunity to surf and plane on boards without the need for waves. Lightweight and easy to set up, the wing can be used with paddle board, isup, foil board, snowboard or long board or mountain board on land.

The Duotone wing has an inflatable leading edge, which is easily blown-up with a kite or isup pump. The boom adjusts to fit each size of wing and to trim the power, and is simple to rig, with three loops from the wing. When flying, the boom is instinctive to hold, and offers quick and versatile adjustment of power by moving the back hand up and down.

The clear monofilm window gives great visibility if you’re sharing water or land with others, or want extra scope to see where you’re going. It’s also easy to lift the wing higher to have full visibility in front or behind you.

Available in four sizes, a boom is required which is adjustable to fit all wings, and also to trim power in the kitewing. We’ll include a boom with each wing, so please contact us if you don’t require one. A wrist leash will also be included with each wing, so price shown is total for the three parts.

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Product Description

At SUP North we have flown the Duotone kite wing with a foil board, isup and solid SUP board, on the marine lake at Southport. We’ve found the wing to offer good power, easy trimming by moving your hands on the boom, and great stability when flying. The shape of the leading edge is forgiving when any part of the wing touches the water in flight, allowing the rider to recover and carry on flying.

Wing-foiling or wing surfing are both surprisingly achievable, and safer than other forms of wind propulsion due to the lack of mast or kite-lines under tension. There is no major fatigue on your arms as you may expect – borne out by the fact that we’ve had two, three and four hour sessions! The stoke is similar to the compulsion of paddling out for ‘just one more’ wave.


Size Wind range
2m 22-35 knots
3m 20-30 knots
4m 14-22 knots
5m 10-17 knots

Check out this video of wing foiling and surfing on Southport marine lake – two of winging it on isups for the first time!

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4m, 5m


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