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F-One Strike Wing

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3.5m & 5m in stock at a great price.

Wingfoiling and Wingsurfing is a new way to enjoy time on the water, and one that we have become obsessed with since our first try. The kite wing is light and easy to use, with complete de-power that minimises risk and means you can ride and surf in spots with no waves, gusty and gappy wind, and no space for kite-lines. Southport marine lake is ideal.

The Strike is the high performance wing from F-One, with amazing upwind performance, huge wind range and awesome jumping capabilities.

The canopy layout of the Strike controls any deformation, giving great power. It’s still super-light and stable, so easy to handle and will fly happily at neutral when you’re surfing a wave or pumping the foil. The leading edge has more segments which allow the dihedral shape to be optimised for less drag, while holding the profile shape of the wing.

Two handles which are longer in length give great control, grunt and de-power making the Strike comfortable for all wingsurfers even on longer runs.

Fully inflatable, and packing into a compact bag, the Strike is inflated with a regular SUP pump – no adapter required.

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Product Description

Wind range and inflation pressure

Sizes (m2) 3.5 4.2 5 6 7
Wind range (knts) 20 > 35 15 > 30 12 < 25 08 < 20 08 < 20
PSI* 10 9 9 8 7

* for more comfortable handling inflate to 0.5psi less.

F-One have been making kites and boards since 1994 and embraced the possibilities of foiling in every medium early on. Passionate about flying and foiling whether windsurf, prone, SUP or wing, the passion of the brand shines through in the carefully considered design and quality.


F One’s Strike is powerful and high in performance. The stiffer canopy is ideal for attaining speed, and height on jumps. On the smaller sizes a bit of input from technique is required at the low end to get moving, with the payoff of a great top end once on the foil. The 6m and 7m Strike CWC (Compact Wing Concept) are the tickets to low-wind winging – easy to handle due to the light weight and compact design, with loads of power to open up lighter wind conditions to foil more frequently!

Check out some footage of the Strike wing in action

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3.5m, 4.2m, 5m, 6m, 7m