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F-One Swing Foil Wing 4.2m

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F-One’s Swing kite wing has quickly become an indispensable tool in our wingsurfing and wingfoil quiver.

Wingfoiling and Wingsurfing is a new way to enjoy time on the water, and one that we have become obsessed with since our first try. The kite wing is light and easy to use, with complete de-power that minimises risk and means you can ride and surf in spots with no waves, gusty and gappy wind, and no space for kite-lines. Southport marine lake is ideal.

The 4.2m Swing has plenty of power for both foil and isup, suited to a wind range of 15-30 knots. Lightweight and stable both under power and at neutral, it’s an ideal wing for surfing as it won’t trouble you whilst on the wave. The fully inflatable construction includes a luff section above the boom, which increases power and means you can work the wing dynamically to find power in flat spots.

Boom handles are in just the right place for depower and sheeting in, and the leading edge handle features neoprene backing to avoid scraping knuckles on stitching – a nice touch.

Fully inflatable, and packing into a compact bag, the Swing is inflated with a regular SUP pump – no adaptor required.

Size: 4.2m2
Wind Range: 15-30 knots
Weight: 1800g inc leash
Construction: Teijin Dacron and D2 canopy materials. Teijin Technoforce is a high density polyester fabric with a ripstop structure using thin yarn under high tension.



Product Description

Available to demo in Southport. Contact us for details.

F-One have been making kites and boards since 1994 and embraced the possibilities of foiling in every medium early on. Passionate about flying and foiling whether windsurf, prone, SUP or wing, the passion of the brand shines through in the carefully considered design and quality.

Check out Steve Follis’s video of Alan wingfoiling in North Wales using both the F-One 4.2m Swing and Ozone 5m Wasp. This was just his second time wing-foiling in open water and waves.

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