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Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport Ex-Demo

SUP North UK – SUP, Wing and Foil » Red Paddle Co 11’3 Sport Ex-Demo

Red Paddle Co 11’3 x 33″ Sport ex-demo, in great condition with usual marks from use.

The 11’3 Sport is a Goldilocks board – not too big, not too long, not too wide, not too tippy. 32″ width makes it stable enough for beginners, while the streamlined shape and slightly longer length means it is quicker and easier to get moving than an all round board. A single 9″ touring fin gives the board great straight-line tracking, and RSS battens make the board super-stiff at 4.7″ thick – sitting nicely in the water and not adversely affected by side-wind like thicker boards.

Comes with Red Paddle Co ATB Transformer backpack, which transforms to allow carrying of the board with backpack straps only, saving weight and bulk of the bag, Titan II pump, coiled leash, RSS battens and touring fin. A paddle can be added to the package – either hybrid tough, prime carbon 100 or paddle of your choice.


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