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Red Paddle Co RIDE XL 17′ x 60″

SUP North UK – Stand up Paddle Board » Red Paddle Co RIDE XL 17′ x 60″

Giant SUP board paddling is loads of fun! It’s more stable than you’d think, unless you have a wobbler on board. A great way to get a group on the water, learn teamwork and have lots of laughs.

Comes as a package with six adjustable alloy paddles and four pumps. Takes just 15 minutes for four people to inflate.

The Ride XL is available for group sessions in Southport.


Length: 17’
Width: 60″
Thickness: 8″
Volume: 1298 litres
Number of riders: We’ve paddled the XL solo, a couple of miles with 10 adults, and had 14 on board one time!


Product Description

Red Paddle Co’s Ride XL stand up paddle board is a whopping 17 foot of pure inflatable fun! Up to 8 people can paddle at once, but can you all stand?!

We love to use the Ride XL for group sessions, and it has even been seen racing in Southport! It’s a great way to learn team work and have loads of fun. Team Crossfit JST trained with us on the XL in preparation for the Crossfit World Games.

Red Paddle Co’s MSL construction means the board is light, but super durable, and will stand up to heavy use.


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