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SMIK Style Lord 10′

SUP North UK – Stand up Paddle Board » SMIK Style Lord 10′

The Style Lord  is a long board style SUP, designed for a timeless soul arch or a walk up to the nose.

Don’t be put off by the extra width and volume compared to some of the other brands longboard style SUP’s – with an accentuated outline curve, rocker, double concave between the feet and refined rails the Style Lord’s aggressive turning really will take you by surprise.

Performance surfing taken to new levels in a longer board with classic lines.

It’s dimensions also make it the perfect all rounder,  as a surfing/flat water cruiser

Construction: Carbon PVC Sandwich

Length – 10′ 

Width – 30″

Volume – 153 L

Thruster 19 + 4.7″


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Product Description

construction carbonThe construction consists of a full PVC carbon wrap performance boards with unmatched strength to weight characteristics.

IMPACT strength is phenomenal with rails, nose and tail being reinforced with extra layers of carbon.

SNAPPING  strength is also extremely resilient,with no failures to this point, (Delamination/ creasing/snapping) tested in a variety of heavy South West Australian waves.

The technique for wetting out the cloth ensures no “dryspots” which is the reason why a board may delaminate.

All of this while maintaining light weights and providing the optimum flex/reflex response when pressure is applied through the board.


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