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Starboard 10’8 iGo Zen SUP Package

SUP North UK – Stand up Paddle Board » Starboard 10’8 iGo Zen SUP Package

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The iGo 10’8 Zen inflatable SUP package offers Starboard design, heritage and performance for an amazing package price.

For cruising, touring, social paddling and surfing, the 33″ width means the board is stable for all sizes of paddler, yet easy to manoeuvre and turn. A single fin set up offers great straight-line tracking.

The board package is complete with wheeled rucksack bag, lightweight recycled leash and Starboard Tufskin hybrid carbon 3 piece travel paddle.

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Product Description

Starboard’s 10’8 x 33″ iGo Zen package is a great balance of performance, looks, durability and budget. The all round shape and 33″ width makes the board ideal for all paddlers up to 120kg (or over), for paddling on flat or choppy water, or taking on some small waves. There’s also sufficient volume to take a passenger whether it’s a child or dog, and bungee tie-downs to take a dry bag, flip flops or drink.

The single fin set up offers great straight-line tracking, and has a tool-less bolt for easy set-up.

Starboard’s Zen construction consists of a PVC skin with knitted dropstitch, and a double layer, heat-bonded rail band that makes the board stiff and robust. The result is a great-looking board, that’s durable and light, and will get you on the water in any conditions.

Starboard is committed to sustainability and minimising the company and customer’s impact on the environment the world over. Through the use of lower impact, and recycled materials, the carbon footprint of every board, paddle and accessory is reduced.

All Starboard packaging is paper and recyclable – no plastic bags for the bin here. And for every board sold, Starboard plant one mangrove tree at Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, which will remove up to 1000kg of carbon from the air in its lifetime, compared to the production footprint of around 100kg per board making your board carbon positive.

What SUP North thinks

The Starboard iGo is a fantastic all-round isup both for beginners and for those that want to take on all sorts of paddling and water conditions. Unbelievably light and stiff, the Zen technology makes a Starboard SUP package accessible in terms of price, with the design and features that we expect from Starboard.  We use this board in our lessons and to play SUP polo, making the most of glide and maneouvrability.


Length: 10’8″
Width: 33″
Thickness: 140mm/5.5″
Volume: 301 litres
Recommended max rider weight: Up to 120kg

In the box.

The Starboard iGo Zen comes with a top quality wheeled rucksack. And the all new Starboard double action Tiki pump which is ergonomic, easy to use and efficient.

Supplied with Starboard 3 piece Tufskin paddle with hybrid carbon shaft.