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Starboard 12’6 x 30″ Zen Touring SUP Package

SUP North UK – Stand up Paddle Board » Starboard 12’6 x 30″ Zen Touring SUP Package

Due in stock late November 2021!

The 12’6 Zen inflatable touring iSUP package offers Starboard design, heritage and performance for an amazing package price.

For efficient paddling over distance, and for cruising, the 12’6 Zen is fantastic value for a well-designed board with all of the key features that you need to enjoy your paddle trips.

The board package is complete with rucksack, lightweight recycled leash and travel paddle. The Starboard Tufskin paddle has a lightweight hybrid carbon shaft which is adjustable in length, and durable tufskin blade with the Enduro shape for all round paddling, and double dihedral for great catch and easy paddling.

See below for full details.


In stock

Product Description

Starboard’s 12’6 x 30″ Zen touring board offers excellent performance for those longer paddle trips, and satisfaction for cruising from the great glide with every stroke. The longer water-line means that the board will keep travelling across the water for longer than a shorter board, so gives more efficient paddling. At 30″ wide the board has plenty of volume, but the parallel rail shape helps you to track well in a straight line, with less need to change paddle sides frequently.

The single fin set up offers great straight-line tracking, and has a tool-less bolt for easy set-up.

Starboard’s Zen construction is made of a PVC skin with knitted dropstitch, double layer, heat-bonded rail band that makes the board stiff and robust. The result is a great-looking board, that’s durable and light, and will get you on the water in any conditions.

Starboard is committed to sustainability and minimising the company and customer’s impact on the environment the world over. Through the use of lower impact, and recycled materials, the carbon footprint of every board, paddle and accessory is reduced.

All Starboard packaging is paper and recyclable – no plastic bags for the bin here. And for every board sold, Starboard plant one mangrove tree at Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, which will remove up to 1000kg of carbon from the air in its lifetime, compared to the production footprint of around 100kg per board making your board carbon positive.

What SUP North thinks

We’re really impressed with this board package board in terms of performance and value for money. A good quality touring-style isup would usually set you back significantly more. The board has all of the basic features that you need, including bungee tie-down points for taking a change of clothes or provisions for longer trips. Stiffness and glide is great. The Tufskin paddle is so much more than the entry level paddle you’d receive from mid-priced brands, with a carbon hybrid shaft for great weight and moderate flex. Highly recommended!


Length: 12’6″
Width: 30″
Thickness: 150mm/6″
Volume: 351 litres
Recommended max rider weight: Up to 120kg

In the box.

The Starboard iGo Zen comes with a wheeled rucksack and a Starboard double action pump which is light, easy to use and efficient.

Complete with lightweight leash and Starboard hybrid carbon tufskin 3 piece adjustable paddle. The paddle has the refined Starboard blade shape with double dihedral for clean catch and smooth glide through the water.

If you’ve taken a lesson with us in the last 12 months, we’ll take the price of the lesson off your board package! Email us if you’d like to take up this offer.