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Starboard 2021 10’4 Wingboard 4 in 1

SUP North UK – Stand up Paddle Board » Starboard 2021 10’4 Wingboard 4 in 1

Your perfect board for stand up paddle boarding, wing surfing and windsurfing.

Starboard's 4 in 1 10'4 inflatable Wingboard is a feature-packed, multi-purpose board that will give you access to fun on the water in almost any conditions.

For stand up paddling, the Wingboard offers plenty of volume and stability with a 32″ wide profile. This makes it ideal for recreational paddling, with the shape also lending itself to paddling some distance, as well as catching waves. The centre fin box (for wind sports) is removable, so no drag which you'd usually experience when paddling a board with a fixed centre fin box.

When the wind blows the board can be powered with a kite wing, hand wing, Freewing, wing-ding – whatever you want to call it! Wing surfing, as well as SUP, is our big passion, and it's loads of fun with an isup on Southport marine lake. The 10'4 Wingboard has a centre fin box and shallow Drake fin that will give instant grip to help avoid downwind drift when winging, and the 3D rail edge gives great water release so you can build up speed.

Wingsurfing is a low-risk wind sport and super easy to learn and have fun with straight away. It hugely increases the range of conditions that will get you on the water.

The removable mast-plate allows the addition of a traditional or inflatable windsurf sail. Footstraps are supplied and help with foot position and generating speed. The hard edge gives planing performance usually impossible with an inflatable board.

The board package is complete with rucksack, lightweight recycled leash, many other accessories and packaged with a 3 piece travel paddle of your choice, or can be supplied without paddle if required.

See below for full specification and package details,  and our impressions of the board.


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Product Description

Starboard is committed to sustainability and minimising the company and customer’s impact on the environment the world over. Through the use of lower impact, and recycled materials, the carbon footprint of every board, paddle and accessory is reduced.

All Starboard packaging is paper and recyclable – no plastic bags for the bin here. And for every board sold, Starboard plant one mangrove tree at Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, which will remove up to 1000kg of carbon from the air in its lifetime, compared to the production footprint of around 100kg per board making your board carbon positive.

What SUP North thinks

We’re excited about the 10’4 4 in 1 wingboard and looking forward both to testing it out and teaching wingsurf skills with it. Lucy started her winging journey using various isups, and had loads of fun learning to generate power and controlling direction, but a lot of time walking upwind! With the addition of the centre fin Starboard’s Wingboard will minimise drift and help with directing the board, while the 3D edge should allow faster speeds by reducing drag. Watch this space!


Length: 10’4″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 150mm/6″
Volume: 313 litres
Weight: 9.8kg
Recommended rider weight: 45 -105kg

In the box.

The Starboard 10’4 4 in 1 Wingboard comes with deluxe re-cover wheeled backpack, Tiki double action pump, 8″ SUP fin and Drake 220 shallow keel fin, removable centre fin box, carry strap, removable mast plate, lightweight leash and three footstraps.

Packaged with Starboard hybrid carbon Tiki Tech 3 piece paddle

Additional Information


Tiki Tech paddle package, Tufskin paddle package