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Starboard x Airush Freewing V2

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4m teal and pink in stock now!

Starboard x Airush Freewing V2 is the latest update on the wing surf and foil kite wing, made in collaboration between Starboard SUP and Airush kites.

This is an all-round wing ideal for using with an inflatable SUP board, composite board or to wing foil. A shortened boom and squared up leading edge bring the power forward. Refined wing tips make it even easier to avoid catching in the water.

Large windows give a good field of view – to see around your environment or look out for other wing-surfers or water-users. V2 windows have been re-positioned further forward, and reduced a little in size to minimise weight. 6m and larger have secondary mini windows to ensure great vision.

Plenty of handles to choose from offers a wide range of trimming, and the Y shaped handles are ideal for turns. Kevlar reinforced wing tips will protect the wing when used for land-based activities.

The boom can be isolated from deflation allowing the wing to be rolled around the boom for next-day use without fully inflating again. Comes complete with wrist leash, pump adaptor and carry bag.

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Product Description

The Freewing can be paired with an isup, composite paddle board or foil board.

For every Freewing sold, Starboard plant a mangrove in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, absorbing one ton of CO2 over 20 years and pick up 1.1 kg of beach/ocean plastic trash. Equivalent to the amount of plastic trash entering the ocean, per person, per year

Suggested wind ranges (for hydrofoiling) and details of each below

Model 4 sq. meter 5 sq. meter 6 sq. meter
Aspect ratio 2.24 1.98 1.74
Wing Range (Knots) 13 – 35 11-28 9-24
Recommended Inflating Pressure (PSI) 6 5 4


We’re excited about the upgrades on the Freewing V2. We’ve used the V1 in 4m, 5m, and 6m in all variety of conditions, both inland and on the sea for flat winging and surf.

In all sizes the Freewings are well-built without being heavy, with great power and lift.

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4m Teal/Pink, 4m Red/Dark Teal, 4m Teal/Red, 5m Teal/Pink, 5m Red/Dark Teal, 5m Teal/ Red, 6m Red/Dark Teal