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Starboard Pre-Preg Carbon Enduro SUP Paddle

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Starboard’s Pre-preg Carbon Enduro SUP paddle is the ultimate in paddling performance and enjoyment. The 2021 carbon Enduro is the lightest SUP paddle in the world, with pre-impregnated carbon fibres for consistency and managed flex.

The most important aspect –  The Enduro blade face has four pronounced concaves – this gives an amazingly firm and direct catch which means a solid, smooth stroke, directing your power into the paddle and avoiding any blade flutter which is experienced from blades with minimal or no dihedral. The water flows cleanly from the blade allowing a faster cadence. The teardrop shape lends itself to all types of paddling, and the wide tip is perfect for bracing stroked when surfing or maintaining balance on choppy paddles.

The blade is formed from custom woven biaxial 60/60 degree carbon cloth, with a new high density PVC core. A layer of 45-degree biaxial glass increases the durability. The carbon stringer through the centre controls flex and there’s an ABS rail to reduce the risk of damage to paddle or board rail.

The new carbon handle for 2021 allows super-direct control over the angle of the blade, making it easier to perform drawing strokes to counter wind, or to keep the board on course when paddling hard to catch a wave.

A lighter paddle is less wearing on your body, so you can paddle longer and harder. With a controlled amount of flex, Starboard have optimised power transfer through the paddle, while not being too hard on the body.

Available with a small, medium or large blade. Get in touch if you’d like help selecting the right paddle for you.

A fixed paddle needs to be cut to the right length and glued or taped. We will help you to determine the correct length and will cut the paddle for you.


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