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SOLD Used Starboard 2017 10′ Nut with Bag

SUP North UK – Stand up Paddle Board » SOLD Used Starboard 2017 10′ Nut with Bag

Now sold. Alan’s Starboard 2017 10′  x 29.5″ Nut in Starlite construction is for sale including fins and bag in as-new condition

This is a special board from Starboard’s Innovation range – stable to paddle on flat water or to paddle out through surf, with the ‘nut’ inverted rail shape. When you step to the back of the board on a wave, you engage the shorter rail profile, so it’s like riding a shorter, high-performance surf SUP board. It will suit a rider looking to improve their surfing with both longboard style & stability, and shorter-board turning ability.

This is a 2017, current model in stunning Starlite construction with anti-scratch carbon innegra rails. It has been only lightly used and well-looked-after. The board can be viewed and demo’d in Southport. Included is Starboard day bag and three bio resin fins.


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