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Lucy Pearce
Instructor / First Aider

Seasoned snowboarder, ex-land-boarder and kite bitch, took up SUP as a way to get out on the water without getting dragged down the beach head first, investing in a Red Paddle Co board after plenty of research.

With a working history in retail management and a level head Lucy reins in Alan and Simon's sometimes slightly over ambitious ideas, making sure things measure up and all bases are covered. As one of our instructors, Lucy is stoked to be passing on her love of SUP that has already proved life-changing.

Simon Dunton
Photographer / First Aider / VHF Comms

Seasoned snowboarder, kiteboarder until Stand Up Paddle boarding took over his life, these days he can mostly be found working on his SUP surfing skills on the East coast.

A web developer since 2000, Simon will be responsible for the creation and smooth running of this website and other technical/media tasks.

Alan Taylor
Instructor / First Aider

With surfing in his blood Alan has been around the beach most of his life, getting an adrenaline rush from kitesurfing since the new millennium. After breaking his hip skateboarding he turned to SUP as a means of rehabilitation and hasn't stopped planning bigger and better SUP adventures since then.

Worked in the leisure and tourism industry, currently the proprietor of The Fitness Factory in Southport. As well as promoting the business and getting carried away with big ideas Alan is one of our instructors, passing on his love for SUP to others.

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