What kind of Stand Up Paddle Board is right for you?

To make sure you get the most use and enjoyment out of your SUP it’s worth investing a little effort into making sure that you get the right board for you. There is a stand up paddle board tailored for every discipline, but when you’re starting it’s a good idea to get a crossover board that will suit different conditions.

If storage and transportation is no problem, take a look at Starboard’s range. The biggest SUP manufacturer in the world, Starboard have a board for every occasion and every pocket – in fact, so many that it can be confusing. Give us a call if you’d like some advice about choosing a board that will take you where you want to go, and allow you to progress.

Inflatable SUPs

Lucy on a mission with Red Paddle Co board on back.

Lucy showing us just how easy it is to transport a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP board.

We wouldn’t be stand up paddle boarders if it wasn’t for inflatable boards. Unless you plan to become an elite SUP racer or surfer these boards offer a no-compromise experience compared to a hard-shell board and have many advantages. Our inflatable SUP boards have taken us around Scottish islands, across shipping channels, riding Morroccan waves, gliding along canals and competing in UK races. The most obvious advantage is the fact that a 9-13 foot board can be packed down into a rucksack that fits in a car boot or train luggage compartment, can be carried comfortably on your back or travels as hold luggage on a plane.

Red Paddle Co boards are designed and manufactured with almost infinite attention to detail in function, looks and performance. The company only manufacture inflatable boards, so rather than a side-line, inflatables (also known as iSUPs) are the company’s only priority and they lead the way in development and innovation.