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Red Paddle Co Hybrid Tough Paddle

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Red Paddle Co’s hybrid tough 3 piece paddle is an ideal paddle for travel, at a superb price.

A 50% carbon shaft makes the paddle lightweight, but also very durable, with some flex which reduces strain on the shoulders. The nylon blade is very durable, withstanding knocks and scrapes, making it ideal for paddling all locations, and reducing stress if handing the paddle to a friend or child to use!

A clamp at the join means no movement – this will feel like using a fixed length paddle. The adjustable handle extension has an anti-twist notch, so the blade will always be in-line with the comfortable, ergonomic handle. Clamp is ‘designed for disassembly’ which means it’s easily removable for cleaning out any sand or grit.


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Product Description


A great three piece paddle for travel or packing into your isup bag. No worries when paddling shallow river sections or passing to the kids – it will easily withstand being used to dig sand and a scrape on a rock.