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Starboard Foil Wingboard Lite Tech

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Some say the board doesn’t matter for wingfoiling, as it’s not on the water when you’re on the foil, but Starboard’s wingboard makes it easy to get planing.

The board’s thick rails and wide nose give loads of stability, while the slightly longer water line than some other wingboards allow you to generate glide and speed – both of which are needed to get flying. The volume in the tail adds to the glide and helps to pump the board onto the foil. The rounded nose also helps to spread the load when coming off the foil so touchdowns don’t mean a crash.

Starboard’s Lite Tech construction is light, strong and hits an amazing price point – three features not often found together in a board! It makes for an affordable board, packed with carefully designed shapes and featuers that will get beginners foiling early, and allow intermediate to advance riders to progress fast.

See below for full specification, and our impressions of the wingboard.



Product Description

Starboard is committed to sustainability and minimising the company and customer’s impact on the environment the world over. Through the use of lower impact, and recycled materials, the carbon footprint of every board, paddle and accessory is reduced.

All Starboard packaging is paper and recyclable – no plastic bags for the bin here. And for every board sold, Starboard plant one mangrove tree at Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, which will remove up to 1000kg of carbon from the air in its lifetime, compared to the production footprint of around 100kg per board making your board carbon positive.

What SUP North thinks

Starboard’s wing board is designed for performance, but also to get you off the water and flying as early as possible. Alan mainly rides the 5’8 model – it gives early take-offs and is forgiving on touch downs. With volume built into chunky rails and the rounded nose the board feels more stable than the size and volume would suggest. The potential to add footstraps offers pumping assistance and also the opportunity to jump!


Length: 6’7″
Width: 28″
Thickness: 104mm/4.2″
Volume: 115 litres
Weight: 8.7kg
Recommended rider weight: 40-95kg

Length: 7′
Width: 30″
Thickness: 109mm/4.3″
Volume: 140 litres
Weight: 9.4kg
Recommended rider weight: 50-110kg

Contact us for advice on the right board size for you and for foil options.

Additional Information

Board Size

6’7 x 28″, 7’0 x 30″