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Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL

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The 10’8 Ride from Red Paddle Co is a versatile board that suits the whole family from kids to larger adults. The shape echoes the most popular board worldwide – the 10’6 Ride, which makes it easy to turn, with good glide for paddling distance. It’s also popular as a tender for boats – taking up little space when deflated, and durable and easy for storage and launch when inflated.

The latest graphics on the world’s most popular board look great, with a clean, fresh deckpad, improved cargo tie-downs and padded, embroidered handles. The Titan pump is now even quicker, and the best back pack in the SUP world got better, with more padded, ergonomic straps and lumbar support.



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Product Description

The 10’8″ Ride – SUP for all!

Red Paddle Co broke barriers when they created the 34″ wide stand up paddle board. Prior to its launch it wasn’t possible to make inflatable SUP boards wider than 32″. The extra width makes it an ideal board for a bigger rider, while it can also be used to carry the family! The board is 120mm thick which gives up to 40% increased stiffness over a 100mm board, without affecting the ride. Beware of 6″ thick isups! The increased thickness makes the board feel corky and unstable. The Ride’s built in i-Fins are tough & durable, and effectively help you track straight when paddling. Cargo net fixing points are included to secure your load.

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What SUP North thinks

The 10’8 Ride is a favourite with bigger paddlers and those new to SUP. The stability gives confidence on the water, while the length keeps it easy to turn. We recommend it even for those who aren’t sure that they will be able to SUP at all – they’re soon convinced! We also love it for the fact you can get the whole family on board.


Length: 10’8″
Width: 34″
Thickness: 120mm/4.7″
Volume: 296 litres
Rider weight: 120kg+

In the box.

The Ten Eight Ride comes complete with All Terrain backpack and the Red Paddle Co Titan dual chamber pump, which makes inflation to 18-22 psi quick and easy, leaving you more time to paddle.

Additional Information


Standard, WindSUP


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