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Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride 2022

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The Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride is the best-selling paddle board in the world, for good reason. It’s ideal for riders of all shapes and sizes, and will take you to any destination. 4.7 inch thickness means the board is stiff, but rides nicely in the water without corkiness. The integrated ifins are super durable and make getting the board ready to ride a piece of cake.

The Ride now has a larger deckpad, extending right out to the rails of the board giving a clean look and plenty of grip. The twin fin set up gives great straight-line tracking and makes it much easier to pack the board up. Built-in fins should not be under-estimated for their versatility and super-resilient construction – hence why we favour the Rides for our lesson fleet for the last eight years!

The new ATB Transformer bag offers three ways to transport the board – wheel in the bag, carry on your back in the bag, or strip down to the backpack system only to carry the board with no bag to stash at your destination.

See below for more details and safety advice.

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Product Description

The World’s Best Selling Stand Up Paddle Board

The Red Paddle Co Ten Six Ride is the most popular SUP board the world over. It’s ideal for riders of all shapes and sizes, and will take you to any destination. The 4.7″ thickness is carefully designed to give amazing stiffness without affecting the ride. The integrated fins are super durable and make getting the board ready to ride a piece of cake. Red Paddle Co’s trade-marked MSL technology means the boards are 20% lighter than previous models, stiffer, easier to pack away and even smarter in appearance.

The Ride boards have a smart deckpad design that extends to the rails of the board, with heat-embossed ‘red’ repeater logo, 6-point flat bungee tie-downs and three handles for one or two-person carrying, and easy launching.

The brand new ATB (all terrain bag) Transformer takes isup convenience to a whole new level. The strap system can be fully removed from the bag and used as a lightweight sling to carry board, paddle, pump and leash so that, when you get to your paddle spot, you don’t have the bulky bag to take on board. We’ve tested this system and it’s surprisingly lightweight and usable! The bag also has bigger, all terrain wheels, now located on the front of the bag, and loads of extra pockets, which is always useful.

5 year warranty.

What SUP North thinks

The Ten Six Ride was the board that got us into stand up paddle boarding. When researching our first purchase it was clear that Red Paddle Co were leading the way in construction, durability and performance and the 10’6″ was, and is, THE board to get most people onto the water for their first glide. We’ve ridden it, with two on board, a couple of miles up the coast from Ainsdale beach to Southport to watch the annual air show from the sea, and Lucy paddled it five miles off shore in choppy water when we visited the Lennox oil platform. It’s an ideal choice for beginner lessons and SUP polo, with plenty of stability, while easy to turn, and it still performs well in small waves. We’ve also used the 10’6 Ride for wing-surfing in super windy conditions.

The 4.7″ thickness of the Ride, without compromising stiffness due to the MSL construction, gives a stable standing position without corkiness, and makes the board less tippy and easier to mount than thicker isups.


Length: 10’6″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 120mm/4.7″
Volume: 240 litres
Rider weight: 100kg

In the box.

The 10’6 Ride comes complete with Red Paddle Co wheeled ATB Transformer bag, the new and improved Titan II Pump, which makes inflation to 18-22psi easy and super fast – taking half the time of other SUP pumps, leaving more time to paddle. Coiled leash and water resistant phone case.

Supplied with Red Paddle co Hybrid Tough (50% carbon shaft, durable nylon blade) or Prime Carbon (lightweight, 100% carbon, carbon composite blade) 3 piece travel paddle, or contact us if you’d like a different paddle with the package.

Safety advice – We advise you take a paddle board lesson to learn about the kit, suitable locations and conditions, and paddle technique.

Leashes save lives – We recommend you always use a suitable leash when paddle boarding, but it must be the right leash for the environment and conditions. Please speak to us to get full advice, but be aware that in moving water – river, estuary, strong tidal flow – a quick-release waist belt should be used, along with a personal flotation device. We can supply a quick release waist belt with your board purchase if required.

Additional Information


Hybrid Tough paddle, Prime Carbon paddle


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