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SUP Lessons

SUP Lessons

  • Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons in Southport.
  • Qualified instructors waiting to get you on the water.

Welcome to SUP North
stand up paddle boarding

STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING  is the fastest growing water sport in the world. It can be as relaxing or as extreme as you like, but propelling yourself along while standing on a board gives an enormous sense of achievement and well-being. SUP is also a fantastic workout and will improve your fitness almost without you noticing that you’re exercising. There’s no age limit or need for a high level of fitness – it’s a perfect activity for families together.


It’s not as difficult as you may think to get on your feet, but there will always be room to improve and techniques to master, so SUP boarders are always learning and progressing. The possibilities on a stand up paddle board are endless. From flat water cruising, surfing, exploring and down-winding to SUP yoga, racing and SUP fitness training, there’s something for everyone and your horizons will definitely expand. Read about our SUP adventures so far in our blog.


SUP North was born from enthusiastic (obsessed!) stand up paddle boarders based in Southport, Merseyside. SUP has changed our lives and now our aim is to help to develop the sport and get more people on the water enjoying themselves. We’re doing this by offering stand up paddle boarding lessons in Southport and selling the best paddle boarding kit including inflatable boards that mean everyone can transport and store a board, through to solid and carbon boards for cruising, surfing and racing.

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