Wing-foiling is our new obsession. If you follow our water activity on social media you may have seen that, in this year of staying home, we’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and progress in foiling which is as close as we can get to surfing on our home waters of the marine lake in Southport.

Alan started kite-foiling in 2017, and rapidly moved onto SUP foil, predicting that foiling was going to be huge. While others were cynical…on any windy day in Southport you now may see several wing-foilers with more on the path to foiling. Wing surfing on an isup, progressing to wing foiling has much lower risk than kite surfing or wind-surfing, with no mast or lines to get you in trouble. The kite wing de-powers instantly when you let go, but remains with you due to the wrist leash.


The stoke from foiling comes not only from the sensation of flying above the water – ‘defying gravity’ from the perspective of on-lookers and experiencing the quiet, low-drag speed when you surf above the chop, but also in the amazing feeling of progression as you improve on each session. While we had heard foilers say this, it wasn’t until learning ourselves that we truly understood.

With five different brands of kite wing in our quiver and demo fleet (and various sizes in each), many different Axis foil set-ups and a range of different boards we are perfectly placed to offer expert advice from experience of using the kit at different levels – right from beginner perspective to get you flying as soon as possible, and for versatility for different styles of wing-foiling, as well as for SUP surf foiling and foiling behind a boat or on a cable.


We currently use and stock wings including the Ozone Wasp, Starboard Airush Freewing, F-One Swing and Strike . Boards from Starboard, F-One, Axis and SIC, and Starboard and Axis fully modular foils, with multiple front wing, mast, fuselage and stabiliser set-ups available to try before buying.

To arrange a lesson please get in contact. We will get you wing-surfing on Southport marine lake with an inflatable SUP to experience how easy it is to generate power, and advise on the next steps to get foiling. The lesson cost will be deducted from the purchase price of a full-price kite wing – which we know you’re going to want once you’ve had a try! We can also put together package prices if you’re looking for a wing and a SUP board, or wing, foil board and hydrofoil.

If you have purchased your own wing-foil kit already a two hour lesson will rapidly accelerate your progression to getting up consistently onto the foil. Please get in touch to arrange a lesson