At SUP North we pride ourselves on riding, selling, and teaching with boards and paddles of the highest quality, from brands we believe in. To this end we would like to introduce to you a new brand, fresh into the UK, SMIK SUP!

SMIK stand up paddle boards offer a stylish, simple, performance orientated range of the highest quality stand up paddle boards. Headed by Scotty Mckercher, the former shaper from Starboard, you can be assured he knows a thing or two about creating a high performance stand up paddle board that excels in surf.

SUP Norths very own Simon Dunton will be riding SMIK SUP boards so expect to see some brightly coloured SMIK boards featured on our website and Facebook from now on.

In the coming weeks we will have the boards listed for purchase on our website but until then we’ve included a selection of products from the range below.

To purchase, for further info or try a SMIK board get in touch either by email or through Facebook and Simon will be happy to help.


Update: products now available for purchase 



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E-SEA rider Entry Level Flat Water and Wave SUP

The E-Sea rider is your perfect entry level board for the fact it makes everything very easy. From carrying to the water, to your first strokes, to catching your first wave.

E-Sea Rider 10’9 x 33″ 196 L  –  £999.00

E-Sea Rider 10’3″ x 32″ 177 L –  £949.00

E-Sea Rider 9’7″ x 32″ 150 L –  £929.00

Construction: Fiberglass and Bamboo Sandwich


spitfire short board surf supSpitfire Shortboard Surf SUP

The Spitfire’s ground breaking design incorporated the combination of speed, manoeuvrability and firepower. This made it a formidable fighter plane and a much loved British icon with its beautiful lines.

The Spitfire line all carry the same characteristics, from the shortest high performance boards, into the larger user friendly sizes. Rocker rail and fin configurations adjusted to different lengths and widths to cater to different size riders.

8’2 x 27.75 – 104 L  –  £1,385.00 (this board is incorrectly spec’d up on most other websites 😉 )

8’3 x 29.5 – 111 L  –  £1,385.00

8’8 x 31.5 – 132 L –  £1,385.00

9’5 x 32 – 155 L –  £1,385.00

Construction: Carbon PVC Sandwich


style Lord longboard sup

Style Lord Longboard Surf SUP

Length – 10′ 

Width – 30″

Volume – 153 L

Thruster 19 + 4.7″


The Style Lord  is a long board style SUP, designed for a timeless soul arch or a walk up to the nose.

Don’t be put off by the extra width and volume compared to some of the other brands longboard style SUP’s, with an accentuated outline curve, rocker, double concave between the feet and refined rails the Style Lord’s aggressive turning really will take you by surprise.

Performance surfing taken to new levels in a longer board with classic lines.

It’s dimensions also being the perfect all rounder,  as  a surfing/flat water cruiser

Construction: Carbon PVC Sandwich