More than just stand up paddle boarding in Southport!

Our stand up paddle board and pint evenings are now multi-purpose! Not just relaxation, exercise and socialising, with our adapted Starboard SUP polo paddles we’re also cleaning up our marine lake in Southport while we paddle! Check out our latest session where we picked up plenty of litter.

SUP polo paddles make a great scoop for picking up both floating litter, and the deeper stuff too. You can still pick litter without though. Take along a bucket or always keep a bag in your pocket, and some antibacterial gel just in case!

The latest Starboard SUP paddles come with a removable hook for picking out litter. Starboard are leading the way in sustainable paddle boarding. This year they have just about eliminated plastic packaging from their boards and paddles, and are planting mangrove trees to offset carbon emissions. We can all do our bit to look after the planet and our own environment where we like to paddle board.

You’re welcome to join us in making the most of our fantastic, mile-long leisure lake in Southport. See our SUP lessons page to get started. If you’re paddling already get in touch regarding hire, or joining our social sessions.