Sunday February 6th we SUP’d the Dee bore and since the wind had been whipping up the sea for a couple of days previously we thought we would take a slight detour and see if there were some waves to surf at New Brighton.

When we got there the tide was fully in and the sea was all over the place, crashing over onto the front, creating a bit of a spectacle. We noticed Janek and Simon from Perch Rock Paddlers sat in a 4×4 with SUP boards on the roof and it turns out they had just surfed the Dee bore! they were the two paddle boarders we had seen on the river Dee in the distance before the tidal bore turned up earlier that day. I (Simon) was super keen to surf some waves even if it was a bit of a crazy mess so off I went and chanced my luck on the river Mersey side of Perch Rock, as it looked a little cleaner (far from it really). It wasn’t long before Lucy and the Perch Rock guys came in and joined me. The waves were really peaky and random with it.

A word of warning: You have to be very careful on the river Mersey, (especially on spring tides) as the currents are very strong!

We finished things off with a surf on the adjoining beach, near the light house. Things were much mellower then as the tide was on its way out  and we didn’t have to deal with the Mersey currents but the surf still wasn’t ideal as waves were coming from two different angles!

All in all a very memorable day!