In the summer months the Manannan high-speed catamaran ferry goes between Liverpool and The Isle Of Man 2 times per day. It steams into the mouth of the Mersey at a speed of 30 knots on it’s way to docking in Liverpool, spends an hour or more unloading/loading passengers before speeding out of the river Mersey again on it’s way to the Isle of Man

~Creating waves as it goes

There are many spots where you could potentially ride the wave that’s created by the Manannan. Crosby is possibly the most dangerous due to iron men, possible sinking sand and reef/wrecks but as photoed it offers the most perfect wave and the possibility of getting barrelled if you can get the tides right and can hold a fast line! Formby doesn’t have the associated dangers that you get at Crosby, it’s a totally different wave; rather than one perfect wave like you can get at Crosby, Formby usually has a few bigger waves followed by a small gap then possibly 10 minutes of smaller fun waves.

Then there is also the elusive Great Burbo Bank, we’ve never tried to catch the wave there but legend has it this is where you can experience the wave at it’s best. Best accessed by small boat! If anyone has a small boat get in touch… in fact if anyone wants to discuss this amazing man made wave at all please do get in touch.

A free alternative to Surf Snowdonia 😉